Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Choir Performance

Right before Christmas break, I took the day off so I could help chaperon Kase's choir field trip.  I thought I might be cramping  his style by being there but he and his 4 buddies didn't seem to mind me tagging along for the day.  I tried to be "cool" mom for Kase's sake so no hugs, kisses or calling him "Bubby" in front of his friends. We shopped for a couple of hours and ate lunch before their performance.  To say it was entertaining would be an understatement...hanging out with 4th grade boys is downright hilarious.  They shopped for very specific things (necklaces, iPod and phone cases, shoelaces, wallets and video games) and their conversations...well, we don't even need to go there.  I'm sure you can imagine what those consisted of.

Getting ready for showtime!
Can you tell Kase isn't sure about girls being up in his personal space?  They still have cooties in 4th grade but I hear it all changes in 5th.  Not sure I'm ready for all of this!

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