Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Keller

7 years ago today (which by now is 7 1/2 years ago), I became mom to this little firecracker!

Already having a son, I wasn't sure how in the world I could possibly love another one as much as I loved the first one.  Crazy as it sounds, it was an honest fear I had leading up to his birth but disappeared the minute I laid eyes on his sweet face.  He was absolutely perfect and I still marvel at the goodness of God for knowing what our family needed and for providing it to us in the way of another son.  It was in that moment that our family was complete.  Since then, there have been many times I wish he weren't so stinkin' stubborn and strong willed but he comes by it naturally.  I have no one to thank but myself for passing along those traits to him.  I know that hard head and independent little personality will serve him well one day...if we make it to that day.  He blesses our lives each day and I am so honored to be his mom.  Happy Birthday my big 7 year old.  You're worth every grey hair you've caused me the past 7 years and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you. Without a doubt, it's going to be filled with laughter and crazy amounts of fun because that's your motto in life.  We love you big Keller Bug!

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